Tree Planting

Having a Tree Planted?

At 4 Seasons Arbor Service, we have trained personal and a Certified Arborist oversee the planting of any tree or shrub. As a result our success rate on tree living is extremely high.

What makes our service different than others and landscapers?

First of all we evaluate the site where you want the tree or shrub and find plants will grow best in that site. We take in consideration how big the plant will be at maturity not just what size it is now. Second, we also take into consideration its needs for sun, light, and water and maintenance requirements. Third, how much root space does the plant need?  Once we have come up with ideas for you, we will help guide you to what will be the best choice. Next, we only choose plants that will be native for this area and will thrive in our growing zone. That is crucial.

We only choose from local nurseries that grow their own stock so that the plants we pick are grown in soil they will be planted in. This reduces transplant shock and allows the plant to acclimate better to its new environment. When we transport plants from the nursery those plants are covered so as not to expose them to wind burn from traveling down the highway. We see that all too often.

When it comes time to planting, the holes we dig are always wider than the root ball of the plant. We add additional quality soil and a soil amendment to help the roots develop. The dirt is removed away from the trunk so that the root flare or primary roots can be seen above the ground level. We remove the wire basket the trees come in whenever possible. If the plant is too large, we will at least cut the wire basket at least 2/3 from the top of the root ball. Once in the hole and in the correct position, the rope is removed, the burlap is cut and placed in the bottom of the hole. The tree is watered in and dirt/soil placed in the hole. A rim of dirt goes around the root ball and bark mulch is placed on top. The tree is watered again. Depending on where the plant is located it is staked.

Each homeowner is given directions on proper watering. If the homeowner cannot provide the water we will offer different solutions to help the plant survive.

You work hard for your money. We want to make sure it’s not wasted by improper plant selection and improper planting. We want it done right the first time. So call us today.