Tree & Plant Growth Regulation

Tree & Plant Growth Regulation

What is it?

Tired of yearly tree trimming costs?  Want to remove that tree?  Tired of constantly falling leaves in the summer?  You need 4 Seasons Arbor Service and PGR.

Plant Growth Regulation, or PGR for short, is a product that certified arborists use to help control the size of trees that are growing too close to structures or power lines.  It is also used as a method of helping trees conserve nutrients and water to improve overall tree health.  We have been using it for over 10 years to help homeowners keep trees that they thought might have to be removed.  Below are pictures of trees we have treated which help to show the results that can be achieved by applying this soil injection method every 3 years.

Notice how most of the canopy of this crabapple has stayed the same height, while only a few branches have grown.  This greatly reduces tree trimming costs for this homeowner in Orland Park.  This is 1 year after the product was applied.  Consistent application would have kept this entire tree under control; however, there are perennials under this side of the tree we had to consider when making the application.

Notice the shininess of the leaves of the above treated crabapple. They are lush, green, and not infected by Apple Scab fungus, thus reducing or eliminating the need to have the tree sprayed 3 times every year.  This is a major money saver for the homeowner.

PGR can help save you a lot of time and money on landscape maintenance.  Want to save money and reduce the need for frequent tree trimming?  Want to reduce Pesticides in the environment?  Want Healthy looking trees?