Stump Removal


Do you have options?

Tree stumps can be an unsightly blemish on an otherwise beautiful landscape.  At 4 Seasons Arbor Service, one of the tree services we offer is stump grinding and/or stump removal.  We use different ways of dealing with tree stumps depending on the situation.  Our certified arborist will determine the best method for you.

Stump Grinding: In most situations we use a machine (pictured below) called a stump cutter.  It has carbide teeth that shred the tree stump into small pieces.  If possible, we grind down 10 to 14 inches below the soil line to ensure that we separate the tree trunk from the roots so the plant will not grow back.  These stump grindings are normally left on site for the homeowner to remove.  However, we do offer a service where we will remove the grindings, fill the hole with soil, and cover with grass seed appropriate to the location.

In tight situations we can cut the plant down to the lowest possible height and then treat the tree stump with a non-selective herbicide to gradually kill the plant.